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Avast, Mateys!



  • Since no actual localization happened on the pirate train home, maybe a train going to work will be better.
  • Meet on the 8:11 (SF) train on Thursday 5/4
  • Second car after you get on the platform, upper floor

☞ Pirate L10n

Mac OS X be missing a Pirate localization. Conspiracy, ye say? Likely. Ahoy! The drinktrain lads and lassies be planning a mutiny. Wet yer whistle with grog and localize the operatin' system with us, or face the plank you carpool-lubber!


Talk Like A Pirate Day is September 19th and we need to be prepared!

☞ The Plan

  • The date is yet to be set. We need to figure out how to make Pirate an officially supported OS X language first.
  • Grog and localization on the train ride to work
  • But won't this go against the FOURTH rule of drinktrain??? Join us for some drinktrain-approved rule four breaking!

☞ Progress

  1. Figure out how to make Pirate an option in the International Preference Pane - Done! ( here be a script)
  2. Localize apps
    1. Finder
    2. Safari
    3. Mail
    4. iChat (err... we mean "ayeChat")
    5. iTunes (ayeTunes)
  3. Create an installer for Mac OS X Pirate

☞ Further Readin'

Help with the Pirate Word List

Also, For yer High Seas Decoratin', Weigh anchor this way

☞ Yar! I be there!

☞ Pictures