June Reunion Train & Meetup

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Drinktrain is forever!

The fun may have stopped for a while, but that doesn't mean that Drinktrain is dead. So long as there is commuting on Caltrain and booze, Drinktrain will never die!

It's been so long since we were all in the same place, sharing the camaraderie and remembering the good times. Let's all meetup for a few drinks, and catch up. This is also a great opportunity for new members to meet the old guard and to bask in what is still to date, the highlight of any commuter's day. Dust off those old Drinktrain shirts and buttons, and get back on that train. Seeya there.

The Info

  • Date: Thursday, June 16th.
  • Train: #373 5:37 PM from Mountain View. Check schedule for other station times.
  • Afterplan: Iron Cactus - For pitchers of beer and chips and salsa.

Drinktrain forever! - I'll be on the train, sharing a brew just like the good ol' days!

pani: I'll be drinking on the train, and have a few to share. Look for me!

But, I'm already in SF - I'll be at Iron Cactus for beers a plenty

  • Ramon - I do miss me some Caltrain, Seeya when you get here.
  • Niels - Think I'll be there!
  • Trilo - I'll meet you all at Iron Cactus. Several beers on tap, good food, and they've even got a beer garden out back.

Drink what? What Train? What What? - Can't make the train or the Iron Cactus. But I'll be there in spirit

  • john - dammit, out of town. must plan another.
  • noeish - so glad to see it happening, but I have to drive tomorrow night for other reasons. Drinktrain revival!