Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull Train

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We've been watching the movies during movie night, now it's time to see the NEW one. Here are the details. Tickets are going fast so get your ASAP!!!

  • When: 5/22 @ 6:46 train from Mountain View to 4th and King
  • Afterplan: Hotel Utah for some epic fries then quickly to the theatre to get in line for the 11:15 showing.
  • Where: Century Cinemark 9 <- Click here for tickets.

Throw me the Idol! - I'm down for the train and the movie

Ramon - I'll bring the snakes and some beer

Cover your heart! - I'll be on the train, but the movie is too late for me or sold out

I hate snakes! - No train and no movie

Trilo - Sorry, Pani and I are already signed up to go to the opening (midnight show on Wednesday night)...

helju - alas--I have theater tickets. If anyone wants my spare movie ticket I'll gladly send it along.