Dessert Train

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After much discussion, we're calling it.

The Dessert Train!

Bring your favorite, tastiest, fanciest, desserts. Bring delectible things to drink like port and muscat.

The Plan:

Wednesday January 17th

The 6:37 train out of Mt. View.

Wine and snackables at Hidden Vine on Cosmo Place.

I've got a sweet tooth (Train Only)

  • *pani* - me, me, me! i'd love to do port with some decadent chocolate yummies!

I just can't get enough of this stuff! (Train & After-Party)

  • Erik - I'm in for some armagnac, raspberry wine (to try with Barbara's dessert), and stemware.
  • Eris S - Ooh! Count me in! I'll bring port!
  • Barbara - Now I *have* to make my chocolate mousse cake with raspberry sauce and creme anglais. (the booze is in the cake)
  • Theresa - I'll be there.
  • Sean - Yum yum!
  • TimC - tarte tatin will be there.
  • Ramon - I'll bring some cake that looks SOOO good you'd want to do inappropriate things to it!

This goes against my diet (Not Going)