Death By Sushi

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Death By Sushi!

What happens when you jump in front of a moving sushi roll at 0 mph?

Quite possibly you will experience an out-of-body transcendance in the culinary ether. Yummers!


A mere 200 yards from the 4th and King Caltrain station is a new sushi bar, Nama, 227 King Street. Strangely, the most expensive roll on their menu is the "Amtrak roll" (marinated and seared sake, albacore w/ponzu $16.50). Evern stranger, there's no Caltrain roll.

The head sushi chef (name escapes me) has agreed to create any roll we desire (with what he has on hand) and this can become the Caltrain roll.

The sushi there is pretty decent. The chef claims that the SushiMasters 2006 competition is "fixed" and he thinks there are a lot of sushi chefs who can do stuff as good as that (I get the impression he's including himself in that group).

Just a proposal......

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